Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekly Watch List

Last weeks watch list performance can be found here.

ANAD  Over 3.18 for a potential gap fill trade.

AZPN Over 17.14 whenever triggers.

CIGX Sym. Triangle apex is complete. Needs to make a move. Actual alert is 4.38 but look to get in early if volume is strong.

DAR Break away gap on earning. Over 18.15 , momentum play.

GLBC Watching over 30.15 again. Friday high was 30.75.

GSIT Watching 6.77 area  in anticipation of 7.12 breakout/gap fill.
PDLI  Bio. name. Watching over 6.64 for a continuation.

IACI Watching over 36.20 in anticipation of 36.93 breakout.

MTW Short below 17.43 looks good.
NDSN Watching below 50.10/50 for a short trade.

QLIK Watching over 32 in anticipation of 32.60 breakout.

RMTI Momentum play.Looks good over 14.40. Recent high was 14.51. Thin name so reduce size.

SHOR Watching over 11.10 for a trade.

SONC Breakout alert for 11.86 whenever triggers.
VIV Watching over 42.55 for a breakout trade.

VELT Old alert 19.30 coming in to play. Watch over 19. Could be volatile intraday.

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