Monday, May 9, 2011

Watch List For 05/10/2011

Watch List  For 05/10/2011:

APRI Bio. name . Breakout watch over 5.95.

BYD Worth watching over 100 SMA currently at 10.23. Over 30% float short.

CALX Not the cleanest chart but worth watching 22.53 level.

CBR Watching over 6.50 for a trade.20 /50 SMA squeezing blow.

CVVT Spec. bottom play. Watching over 4/4.08  for a quick trade if it sets intraday.

DTLK Tried to break out today with good volume. Watching over 8.40 again.

ELN Break out alert for 8.43.

FSII Watching over 4.84 for a clean break out.

INSP Closed right at old alert 9.15. Watch for a continuation.

SIMO Breakout alert for 13.09 with volume and good intraday setup. 1 day rest even better.

VICL Breaks out at 4.03.

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Anonymous said...

FSII looks very good on both daily and weekly charts, tyvm