Thursday, May 26, 2011

Watch List For 05/26/2011

Choppy/sloppy market so far. Please take the trades on good intra day setup. Avoid opening spike or any spike to alert without any base. Try to follow the names before alert price triggers, that way if the setup/volume is good, you can front run before of the actual alert triggers. 
One of the alert from last night, PRIM triggered late in the day. Notice the intra day chart, see how nicely it based below 12 alert all day before exploding to 12.30 fast. Please see 5 minute chart below:

ACAD Bio. name. Watching over 2.05 for a quick trade.

DISH Old alert 30 in play.

FN Watching over 24 for a trade. Thin and fast mover. Take only on good setup.

KLIC Over 11.70 for a trade.

NUAN Over 22 for a trade.

PGI Looks good over 8.56 for a breakout trade. Thin name. Reduce size and take only on good intra day setup.

SBH Over 16.73 for a breakout trade.

SLM Breakout alert for 16.86. Watching over 16.67.

TKLC Watching over 9.07/9.10 for a trade.

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