Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Watch List For 05/25/2011

Hit and run market. Please keep size small and take the trades only on great intraday base below the actual alert price. Book profit quickly, no need to be greedy,cut loss even faster.

Watch list performance so far this week:
CCIX Breakout alert for 13.14 with volume.Watching over 13.04  thin name.

DUSA Old alert 6.14 coming into play.

HOTT  Momentum play. Volume is coming back. Watching over 7.80.

LEI Volatile Oil name. Over 2.98 for a scalp.

LGCY  Oil/gas name . over 31.20 for  a scalp. Thin name.

OMEX Tried to breakout today. Watching again above 4/4.04. HT @tradermarket247.

RIC Watching over 8.09 and then over 8.38 on Gold/Silver strength. Fast mover.

SRDX old alert 15.50 in play. Watching over 15.25.

TRE Gold/Silver name. Watching 7.44 for a scalp.

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