Monday, May 23, 2011

Watch List for 05/24/11

Not many good looking  setups short term. Please take the the trades only on good intra day setup with defined stops and proper risk management otherwise pass.

AEZS  Bio. Name .Over 2.30 for a possible trade.

ASCA Watching over 23.13 for 23.48 breakout.

AVEO Watching over 19.40. Breakout spot is at 20.

AVNR  Bio. name Watching over 4.61.

CT Managed to close over 20 SMA. Watch over 4.63 for a trade.

GMCR Over 79 for a breakout.

JVA Watching over 7.10 for a possible trade in anticipation of 7.25 breakout.

MAXY Over 5.34 for a trade.

MXL  Watching over 9.12 for a trade.Thin name.

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