Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watch List For 05/19/2011

Watch List  For 05/19/2011:

AMLN Looks good over 13.85.

AXTI  Parked back over 200 SMA. Over 8 for a trade.

Twitted about this one today. Watching over 16.78. recent high was 16.99. Might be ready for next move up.

CSII Thin name but worth watching over 13.50 with volume.

DISH Over 30 for a continuation.

GRA Over 45.57 whenever triggers.

KLIC Flagging again, watching over 12.25.

ONNN Old alert 11.95 looking good. Watch above 11.75.

TNAV Watching over 15.47. Impressive volume pattern.

XLNX  Breakout alert for 36.49.

LINTA Nice bounce at breakout area. Worth watching over 17.67 for a trade.

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