Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

Performance from last week's alerts: 

Weekly Watch List:

ACUR Looks good above 4.95 on for Monday.

CBB Looks good over 3.11 with a stop below 3. Swing type name.Slow mover.

CLFD  Really thin name but 6.87 is all time high breakout and this is the 3rd try. Take it if you are comfortable.

CONN Looks decent over 6 for a trade.

DF Over 17.35 whenever triggers.

DTV Breaks out at 50.80. Watching over 50.56.

GT  Gap filled. Watching over 17.80.

LIZ  Watching over 6.77 for a trade.

MPWR Watching  17.07/17.21 area for a trade.

OMEX Twitted  this one today.Old alert, Ideal  entry was below 4, watch over 4.07 Monday. Fast mover.

OPXT  Looks great for a breakout at 2.94.

OXGN Watching $4 area closely, if volume comes in this one might move fast.

ROVI Looks good over 58.50.

SPPI  Over 9.30 with volume for a trade.

TISA Over 2.60 with volume.

TNDM Watching 17 area for a trade with volume.

VCLK  Watching over 17.65 for a trade.

WCN Watching over 31.25.

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