Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Watch List.

It is becoming hard to find long setups. Market might provide a direction next week. Stay selective and nimble.

APL Breakout alert at 37.90. Watching over Friday high  36.83.

AMLN Over 13.85. Might try to fill the gap.

BKS Trying to base around 200 SMA. Worth watching for a trade.Recent high was 14.58.
CHBT Spec. China play. We had this one at 8.75. Now watching 12 for a trade.

DUSA Over 6.14 for a breakout trade.

FN Triggered few days ago over 23.54. Now looking for a next break out over 25.90.

HWAY  Breaks out at 17.16 with volume.

HXL Worth watching over 22.08 for a breakout.

MENT Looks good over 15.48.

NEOP Watching over 5. Breaks out at 5.14.

PFSW  Over 5.75 with volume.

SIMO Tried to breakout Friday. Watching over 13.44.
SQNM Tight pennant, watching over 8.30.
TSTC  Over 7.37 for a possible trade.

SSW  Possible long over 18.50 or short below 17.60.

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