Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Watch List For 05/12/2011

Vulnerable Market , please take the trades only if the intraday setup is good, otherwise pass. Wait for things to settle down and let the Market pick a direction.

DHX Gaped  down on Secondary offering news. Seems to be recovering. Worth watching over 20 SMA currently at 17.17.

DSCO Over 2.30 for a gap fill trade.

DYNT Over 2.07 for a momentum trade.
PKT Big volume move on earning from this long Ascending  triangle , will be looking for a continuation over 11.28.

INSP Over 9.40 for a trade.

SAPE  Old alert, Break away gap on earning. Watch for a continuation over 13.97 for a scalp.

TKLC  Over 7.81 for a  trade whenever triggers.Great volume pattern.

VELT Holding up well so far. Old alert 19.32, could be a target trade above 18.57 if sets up well tomorrow.

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